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Girls Get Curves Success Stories!



Hot X: Algebra Exposed Success Stories!

"Ok, so my parents got an early copy (they work in the magazine business) and gave it to me, and all I can say is, THANK YOU! I have to take math over the summer, and this book is a lifesaver! My teacher doesn't explain anything and I love in your book how you make the algebra easy and make it feel like it's something I'd want to learn. Plus I totally aced my last quiz. My parents were shocked! (So was I!) Then I was having a lot of trouble remembering the quadratic formula, so I flipped to that chapter and I love your Betty story, and now I'll never forget! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

- Amelia, 14

"When I started algebra, it made NO sense at all. But I got this book last month and I feel like I'm in the 4th grade again, when everything made sense! I'm getting an A for the first time ever, and in algebra!! Thank you so much - Hot X: Algebra Exposed is a lifesaver!"

- Maddie, 14

"My name is Abbey and I'm thirteen. I'm a mathophobe. I used to cry every day in math all sixth grade and for the first month of seventh grade... then my dad got me all 3 of your books! I was like "Wow. That is sooo cool! A movie star turned math rock star? Sweet!" Your book has helped me so much, and now I'm know I'm ready to tackle algebra. Thanks for all of your help."

- Abbey, 13

"I was homeschooled up to last year, and always struggled with math. I hated it, it was hard, and it just wasn't fun--I was convinced that I would quit math as soon as possible. When I found your math books, though, everything changed! I became more confident in math, mainly because I knew that there was someone out there who used to feel just as I did. I've read all three of your books, including Hot X: Algebra Exposed, and I'm proud to say that I'm now in the advanced math class. These books are, hands down, the BEST math books out there--forget the school textbooks! Thank you SO much for changing my look on math entirely!"

- Sofia, 13

"At the beginning of Algebra, I was totally confused, and when I found out that Danica had a book out for Algebra, I was so happy! Ever since I got Hot X: Algebra Exposed, I'm doing so much better and feel so confident! I don't know what math would be like without the help of Danica's books. Now my motto is, "I can get through this, math can't stand a chance against me."

- Katie, 13

"As a community college Admissions Director I am quite familiar with math-phobic students: Recently, we had a student who put off math to the very end of her Associates Degree. After receiving a low score in her math placement test, she used Hot X: Algebra Exposed for just two weeks, retook the test, and DOUBLED her algebra score, enabling her to skip TWO developmental math classes and test directly into the math class she needed to graduate! I will be recommending Danica's entire book series to our prospective students."

- Fred Quistgard, Director of Admissions, York County Community College (Wells, Maine)

Kiss My Math Success Stories!

I have both of Danica's books, Math Doesn't Suck and Kiss My Math, and I now understand math way more than I did before! Thanks for the different math terms like "monkeys" for prime numbers and "mint-egers" and "lint-egers" instead of integers. I already feel like a whiz in the math! Thanks!!!

- Claire, 11

Hi! I am so excited about your books. From the moment I picked them up to the tearful moment that I had to set them down (more like my mom had to rip them out of my hands) I was for once excited about math. Your Quickie Sheet strategy from "Kiss My Math" has saved me time and time again on math tests. I even use it to study for my other classes. You are a great role model for girls around the world and I am so inspired to follow my dreams as a doctor after your books have opened so many doors for me in math. You ROCK! Thanks so much.

- Shelby, 12

I read your book to appease my mother, though I have to say that I realized my math skills were not up to par. But as I read your book, I started to realize that I was "getting" it! Now, after reading your book I have to say that I got my first "A" in MATH!!! YEAH!!! :) I will recommend your book to all my friends. Today, I will start preparing for my SATs. Before reading your book, I never thought I would ever go to college. Thanks a Million!

- Kyra, 15

My parents got me your book 'Kiss My Math' for by birthday. I'm in 8th grade, and taking a high school algebra class in my school, and it really helps! Your tricks are really good. I especially liked the story about not dumbing yourself down. I see girls do this all the time, and think it's so wrong. I've even found my self doing it too - but now I catch myself before I say anything 'dumb on purpose' around a boy, because I realize it just isn't attractive, and not worth it to seem dumb!!! I love your book, and hope you keep writing!

- Rebecca, 13

I had a big math test yesterday, and I used my quickie sheet and my pretend cheat sheet from Kiss My Math. I just took the test in my hands and did the best--it felt sooo amazing...I still felt a little scared, but I finally know my true potential! I keep your two books on my desks all the time, and have started to introduce them to my girlfriends...I can finally walk with my head a bit higher...but not just in math! I used your relaxing tips and did great in my band auditions! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

- Michelle, 13

I got "Kiss My Math" a few days ago, and I just totally aced a math test because of you! I am extremely grateful! Thank you sooooo much for helping girls with math in such a fun, girl friendly, stress-free way! You are a great role model to a lot of girls, including me! :)

- Rachael, 13

Your book "Kiss My Math" saved my life! I'm in the eight grade and your book covers it all. I have hated math all my life and in just two days of reading your book I am enjoying math class!! Thank you so much!!

- Kate, 13

Hey girl! You are sooooooo cool! I was a big fan of "Math Doesn't Suck," so when I heard that "Kiss My Math" was coming out, I went berserk and pleaded with my parents to take me to buy it — and it's an amazing book! I love how you make math seem so easy for gals my age. And I sometimes laugh out loud when I read it! You are a really great role model for me, and other girls like me... and thanks to you, I'm proud to be a smart girl.

- Kira, 12

I'm in 8th grade, and if I'm ever confused on something in math class, I head straight for "Kiss My Math." Then, like magic, I understand! I told my class and teacher about your books. About 11 girls went home that night and ordered it online! Thank you so much for writing your books! You are a lifesaver for all of us!

- Rayna, 13

Oh my gosh, Danica, you are my idol. I SWEAR. I bought your "Kiss My Math" and now I'm improving in math a lot! How do you do it? I can't stop reading it, I let my friends borrow it and they love it. I really appreciate your book - keep up the good work!

- Katie, 14

I just bought your book "Kiss My Math" and I love it!!! It helps me to understand the things I couldn't on Math class; I especially love the mint-egers! I've told a bunch of my friends about it and they are all going to get it now.

- Colleen, 13

Math Doesn't Suck Success Stories!

My mom bought me Math Doesn't Suck and I read it all in one night! Just recently we did a project involving the Greatest Commom Factor and the Least Common Multiple, but I just did not get it. Then, after flipping through your book and I found the Birthday Cake Method, and now I totally understand! Today I am going to the bookstore to buy Kiss My Math because next we start algebra. You are great and without you to make math sparkle and to make 1st period math more fun for me, I would have an F in math, I'm sure of it.

- Emma, 11

I got Math Doesn't Suck A few weeks ago. As a joke, I told my mom, "Grrrr, she's lying — math does suck!" But now, I can't believe it - you have made math so much easier! I failed math in 7th grade but I'm getting so much better, and I'm actually starting to like it. And it comes in handy while shopping =D. You should send these learning tips to schools- you would change kids' math grade around the world. I consider celebs regular people. But you became my math hero. Thank you Danica!

- Lilly, 12

Wow! I absolutely love your book Math Doesn't Suck! I was a straight B student with a few C's, but now I get more A's than B's! I learned so much from your book and much simpler ways to do math my math homework! I especially liked the true stories from real women who all had similar problems that I have now!

Thanks a lot for writing this book!

- Emily, 6th grade

Ok, I'm a homeschooler hoping to be able to go to public school next year, and until I read your book, Math Doesn't Suck, I could not for the life of me understand Pre-Algebra!  I'm in 9th grade!  Next year, I'm excited to say, I can take Algebra 1, and understand it!  I CAN NOT wait for Kiss My Math to come out.  I don't think I can wait that long!!!!  Finally I understand how all this happens!  Solving for x is actually fun!  Not only that, I'm not afraid to solve the problems without a calculator!  Yay!!  Thank you soooo much!

- Amelia, 14

Thanks to you, I got a 20 out of 20 on my math quiz, and recently got a 94 on my math test, which is awesome for me! I never would have thought it was possible without your book; it has given me a lot of confidence and it is funny!!! Thanks again!

- Carly, 6th grade

Last year, in the sixth grade, I got a B+ in math — I know it's not reallly that bad, but I was disappointed that I didn't do better. I just didn't get math. Then on the first day of 7th grade, my mom handed me your book, "Math Doesn't Suck." It seemed easy to follow, and I was relieved! After reading some of it, we had our first math test... and I got 104%! I WAS SO EXCITED!! I had gotten the best grade in all of my teacher's math classes! The night before, I had studied from my textbook, but then I spent an extra half hour looking over the explanations in your book. That was what really had helped! Then on my next two tests, I got the same grade — 104%! Overall, I have a 98% in my math class!! Now, I am proud to say that math is my favorite subject, and I am actually helping my other classmates if they ask for help too. This one girl in my class asked me, "How'd you get to be so smart?" I laughed and told her I got a B+ in math last year. She didn't believe me, so I told her to look up Math Doesn't Suck online. She did, and a week later I her with the book! Let's just say that without your book I wouldn't have aced all my tests or boosted my self esteem — and though I didn't tell the girl I thought I was smart so as not to hurt her feelings, I now think I am smart! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

- Ally, 7th grade

Math Doesn't Suck is an amazing book! I have only gotten to chapter 4 but I already love it. Prime monkeys is a great way to think about factor trees! Also, I love being able to go to your website and see what other girls have to say about math.

- Julia, 11

Omg, I love your book. I just finished it! It was amazing. I am very bad at math, let's just say that when I play Monopoly it takes me 3-5 minutes to figure out how many spaces to move. I am now so confident I can't explain. Your book is the best. I LOVE YOUR BOOK!!

- Rozie

I am in the process of reading your book. I am so thankful you decided to write that book! I am going into the 6th grade and I now will be able to go into the 6th grade with confidence in math. I used to hate math but now that I have started your book, I am understanding with my teacher was telling me last year! You are an inspiration for girls everywhere who just don't seem to understand math! I'm looking forward to showing my teacher what math skills I have learned from you! Someday I hope I will become great in math like you. Now that I know that basics of math I will be able to progress with understanding.

- Claire, 11

Thank you so much for writing this book. I bought 2 copies and already 3 of my stressed out honors girls have read it. They are now in Algebra (8th grade) and one said if she had read the book last year she wouldn't have cried so much. I also got our library to order 2 copies — they almost never order 2 copies of anything that is not fiction. Again — thank you!

- Deborah, a teacher

First let me say I enjoyed watching the Wonder Years. Your character is one of my favorites. Recently at Borders, customers could buy books an donate them to children who could not afford them. The book that I donated was your book titled "Math Doesn't Suck" thinking that a child may learn from it. Thank you for writing it!

- Dave

I love the monkey-prime idea, I never thought of it! I love the way u teach u remind me of my sixth grade math teacher; he was the best I ever had...

- Eugenia, 11

The way you explained how your view of math used to be, it's exactly how i feel right now. i've been praying for someone who understands how i feel from personal experience. And then a friend, who I don't think even knows about my problems in with math, sent me the info about this book, and now I have to get it! Thank you for making this! It's just want I needed, and what so many other girls my age needed! Thank you SO much!!!!!

- Chelsea

Is there a gal in your life who inspires you to live up to your full potential of brains and beauty, inside and out? We'd love to hear about her!

My role model is my Mom because she's loving and she's a wonderful person. She cooks delicious meals for us everyday, teaches me how to manage my time, and drives us to school and back during weekdays. On holidays she loves to bring us to the mall and shop, or rollerblade and skateboard at the nearest park. Most of all, she searches high and low in bookshops to find great books (like Math doesn't suck, National Geographic magazines) to improve my general knowledge and improve my studies. She's amazing.

- Zoey, 12.

My role model is my cousin Megan, she is a year younger than me. She is the best at socializing with new people, and she succeeds at reading the most boring books ever — she's really smart and focused. She inspires me to be more mature, and I think she is the coolest cousin ever!

- Alyssa, 12

I just started reading your book Math Doesn't Suck. I am a big fan of math and so is my sister! My role model is my sister and she is 12. Her name is Vera and she never yells or gets upset at me. She does ballet and will go anywhere to watch me play tennis!

- Layla, 10

My mom is my role model because she has been through a lot and she's stuck by every decision she has made. My mom has also helped me through everything I have had to face - like junior high which for me is so scary.

- Alize 12

One of the most inspirational woman in my life is my 5th grade teacher, Ms.Quinn. When I met her I was scared of her! But now, I love her. She helped me more than I could have ever asked for. When Ms. Quinn saw how much trouble I was having, she helped me a lot and went over the lessons over and over and over until I completely understood them. She often took time out of her lunch period, too. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Ms. Quinn by my side. Thanks Ms. Quinn!

- Cayla, 11

My Chorus teacher would probably be my role model. She's crazy, fun, and always a joy to be around. When I was in 7th grade, we decorated her classroom with The Little Mermaid decorations for her birthday. The Little Mermaid is her all-time favorite movie! Oh, and I LOVE "Kiss My Math"!!!! It's amazing!!!

- Ellen, 13

Someone I really look up to is my big sister. Whenever I don't understand my math homework she always helps me understand things so they will stick in my mind!

- Chabelis, 10

My new role model is my math teacher, Ms.Ebert, she is always able to calm down my crazzzy class and get our full attention. She is also the volleyball coach and the games and practices usually go late so I really admire her!

- Caitlin, 12

My sister Taylor-Rose is my role model. We fight, we yell, but we love each other! We have many things in common — we both do sports, but there is one thing that is very different, she is extra smart in school. I mean I am too, but she always seams to bring home straight A's and I get A's and B's. Sometimes when she talks about a math problem I get this huge blank in my brain - I want to be more like her. But I just bought you book and I know it will help me big time! Thanks!

- Vanessa, age 14

I really admire my sixth grade Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Riley. Although I'm in seventh grade now, I still think of her as a role model. She's great at interacting with her students. In fact, we still keep in touch by e-mail. She always had a smile on her face, and she made a wonderful teacher.

- Allison, age 12

My chemistry teacher is practically my idol. She's one of the best teachers I've ever had! She really knows what she's teaching, and loves teaching it. She also doesn't pick favorites, which is quite the change. She's confident and clever, and always knows the answer to any question we ask. Thank you, Mrs. Friedrich, for being one of the strongest women I've ever met.

- Cassie, 17

I love your book! My role models are my Mom (she is always a person to look up to), my teacher Ms. Brand who taught me alot of math, and my older cousin — she is not at all girly, and it makes me feel like I can do anything. They all have confidence!

- Alex, 11

One woman that inspires me is my mom. She is always taking care of my brother and me even though she has a chronic illness MS. For that I love her even more than anyone knows because she is the strongest woman I know. She never gives up. Just recently, she met her lifelong goal. She is a professional artist, and after 20 years of hard work, she built a studio in our backyard; now she has a great place to paint. If there is ever a person to be inspired by, it would have to be her.

- Emily, 12

I have to say that Arlene Cohen, my math teacher, is my ultimate role model. She knows me inside and out, and was the first person that made me feel comfortable with math. She has so many different talents, and I have never seen her positive demeanor diminish for a second. (She also introduced me to "Math Doesn't Suck" which I am already proclaiming as my new Bible.)

- Charlotte, 14

A woman that inspires me is definitely my mom. She is always so busy with the four of us kids (yes, four), and she still finds time to do whatever we need her to do. She home schools us, and she's really helped me out with my math since I got out of public school. She is really smart, and just all around a great person.

- Kayla, 13

My art teacher inspires me beyond any measure. She tells us to be kind, not harsh; sweet, not sour; working hard, not hardly working. She tells us beautiful stories of her past, her hopes, and what she hopes will be in the future. We have been not just teacher and student, but friend and friend.

- Andrea, 12

I admire my mom the most. She always tells me to try my best. She loves me whether or not I do things right. She is always there for me!

- Lauren, 12

I really, really admire Danielle and Kay Panabaker. She and her sister are pretty, great actresses and SMART! They're both in college — Kay is only 16 and a junior at UCLA! They're amazing role models!

- Marguerite

I just wanted to say that I really admire Candace Bushnell (writer/creator "Sex in the City"). She just always makes women seem both powerful and feminine, and seems to embody a lot of the things you talk about: not having to choose a between being successful and brainy, and glamorous. She has inspired me for a long time (I'm a senior in high school now). I hope she does more shows like that.

- Alexis, 17

My friend Sarah and I used to be in the same math class. She was always on top of her game and worked hard in all subjects. Not only that, but she was also an amazing dancer, too! We had fun talking through some of the difficult problems and complaining about some of the boring stuff that goes with any class. She's really fun and inspiring! Now she wants to be an actuary, which is a job requiring a lot of math. I'm really proud of her.

- Stephanie

Danica McKellar

I am a 35 year old women trying to finish her degree. All my life I have had major math anxiety and avoided my required math courses. This semester I had to buckle down and take college math which as you know is equivalent to pre-algebra. I was totally lost. I went through three tutors, many tears and complete mental break-down. Finally I went to a math center for more tutoring only to be the only adult there surrounded by cute seventh graders who asked my age repeatedly. By nature I am an artist and visual learner...(highly right-brained) so when I saw your book in the book store I was compelled to pick it up. Looking through it I felt very interested and bought it. Can I just say, it appeals to my brain style of thinking!!! The mint-egers analogy is brilliant! Anyway, I wanted to say thank you...thank you for writing it. I realize many middle schoolers use it but us adults do, too!!!

Thanks again!!!

- Kim

I am an 8th grade math teacher in Los Angeles and I want to start by thanking you for writing these books!! They are SO powerful to my girls, but I actually use many of your tips with ALL of my students :)

One of my favorite things is the 'Pretend Cheat Sheet' - it's really a terrific idea. When I tell the students to rewrite their notes, they sometimes groan. But when I call it a Cheat Sheet, suddenly it becomes more appealing to them. On some tests they make actually get to use it, so they're really glad they made it :) Many thanks!

- Courtney

I am an eighth grade math teacher and I love your book! In fact, I began reading it to my students early this year and they were very interested in it...I'd pick out relevant parts to supplement my lesson. I then decided to begin a "Math Doesn't Suck" Club for at—risk girls. I have 20 7th and 8th graders who meet weekly after school. We read your book and practice the problems. The girls drive the lessons by telling me what areas they struggle with. Each girl was given a copy of your book and they love to be a part of it! I just thought I'd pass it on! Thanks!

- Christine Hofer, 8th Grade Math Teacher

I wanted to tell you about a special after school class I am teaching for middle school girls called "Math Doesn't Suck," in honor of your fabulous book. I sought funding for the class after reading your book, and invited 12 girls who I knew would benefit (many of them struggle in math). Each girl got a copy of the book as well as some other fun things such as lip gloss (we did a discrete math activity involving lip gloss). We have met 4 times and today is our last class. This class has helped them feel that it is cool to be smart. They have really enjoyed it. Also, I wanted to let you know that I will have a class set of your books next year to benefit all my Title I math students. Thanks so much for inspiring all of us.

- Leslie Wheeler, Title I Math Specialist

I just wanted to say that before I started reading your book, I used to be afraid of math. But reading your book has helped me so much! It has helped me realize that we use math in everyday life. We use fractions when we are eating cake or pizza, we use adding, subtracting, multiplication and division when we are trying to split a chocolate bar with our friends and we even use percents when we are looking for clothes on sales. Thanks for writing this book! It has given me the confidence to go into math class knowing that I am great at math .... and that I shouldn't be afraid of math — math should be afraid of me!

- Nadeen, 14

As part of my research for my thesis, I have been reading your book "Math Doesn't Suck." I am a 31 year old teacher of mathematics at the sixth grade level in Freeport, Texas. I just have to tell you that my female students and I LOVED your book. As part of my thesis for my master's of mathematics program, I decided to use my students as the research subjects. I used some of your techniques with the students, especially the girls, and saw a huge difference! I was so excited when our state test scores came back and 7 of my 9 African American students passed (mostly girls); 23 of my 34 Hispanic students (mostly girls...12 commended) passed; and 10 of my 12 Caucasian students passed (with 6 commended)! My only Asian student also passed and made almost a perfect score! I was also thrilled when I compared their pre—test and post—test scores (part of my thesis) and noted that 100% of my girls — who had been taught math and science using your techniques — made commended on their post-test.

Your book has been a wonderful asset to my collection and a superior help to my students!! Keep up the great work in an effort towards getting more females into the field of mathematics. We look forward to your next book "Kiss My Math!"

- Christina Giles

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