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Nobody's perfect, right?

Every book has typos, and here's a list of ones I've caught so far, in the hardcover edition... None have been found in the paperback edition, but you never know, so please keep an eye out, and let me know if you find any! In the meantime, for those who have the hardcover edition, be sure to find the below typos and handwrite in the corrections so they don't ever confuse you.

...and good luck, detectives!

Email me your typos here!

First edition printing hardcover

p.170 - In #4 of the "Doing the Math" problems, the symbol between the SW and SM segments should be a "not congruent to" symbol, instead of the "not equal to" symbol! (Thanks, Becky!)

p. 276 - For #9 and #14, *technically* the answer "quadrilateral" works for both, in addition to the answers seen in the back of the book. I'll make it obvious in the paperback edition that we don't need the generic answer "quadrilateral," just to be super-clear so nobody thinks they got the wrong answer! (Thanks, Matt!)

p. 386 - Under the "Proof by Contradiction" header, the "not congruent" symbol should be added to the list of symbols. (Thanks, Ben!)

p. 402 - Correction for the answer to #3 under "Chapter 20 p. 351-352" should not  have a squared symbol on the units, for the two versions of the answer (8 divided by root pi, and 8pi divided by root pi) - the units should just be "inches" not "inches squared." (Thanks, Emily!)

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