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"Danica McKellar has a message for girls: Cute and smart is better than cute and dumb." - The Associated Press

Ms. McKellar exhorts her readers to be smart and confident, [and she] knows her math. - The New York Times

"While Danica McKellar's acting career is widely known, her talents as a gifted and successful educator and bestselling author are equally impressive. She knows how to 'speak' math to kids in their own language." - Ira Flatow, Host, NPR's Science Friday

"Every teenager hopes to have the 'cool teacher' ... the teacher with a sense of style, a sense of humor and a sensitivity to the unique needs of the adolescent learner. Danica McKellar has become 'the cool teacher' for a generation of American girls. Her ability to present complex mathematical concepts in an understandable and enjoyable way has enabled countless girls to improve their academic skills and enhance their competence and confidence in the classroom. She speaks 'the language of math' using 'the language of teens.' - Richard D. Lavoie, author, THE MOTIVATION BREAKTHROUGH and IT'S SO MUCH WORK TO BE YOUR FRIEND, also a hit PBS show.

Girls Get Curves Reviews 

"How can you argue with a book that contains all the information of the typical dry, boring textbook, but presents it in a friendly, empowering voice? Girls Get Curves has just the right balance of math material and clear-headed advice... McKellar's formula is working, and kids are responding."

-Wired Magazine

"McKellar [makes] dry mathematical formulas easy to remember! She uses the armpits of snow angles, for instance, to explain angles... [She] shows girls that you don't have to be 'nerdy' to understand math."

-The Washington Post

"McKellar [is] a real mathematcian sharing her real story, all while demonstrating how to do math and why it is important. McKellar's message: Girls can and should do math."

-Scientific American

Full of concrete and well-explained mathematical concepts, Danica inserts plenty of asides, stories, and cute "girly" drawings among the [geometry]. She puts concepts that might be new or difficult to understand in terms that kids can understand, and relating to things with which they are already familiar. I recommend [Girls Get Curves] to any preteen girls or teenage girl who struggles with math, wants to learn math in a new way, or can't get enough math. Basically, all teenage girls. I plan to get the whole series for my daughter.

-GeekMom for Wired Magazine

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